"I have seen many DJ companies perform in my catering facility over the years.  Frankly, your professionalism and the quality of Entertainment you deliver ranks among the best".  - Robert S, Oceanside Jewish Center


"In a world of mediocrity where there is a lack of professionalism and respect, you and your staff are shinning starts."  - the Rosen Family


"My vocabulary is not large enough to find the superlatives that could express the quality of your entertainment." - David & Sharon Seigal


"JOEY! JOEY! JOEY! Thank You, Thank You.  Three PERFECT parties.  You are the best, what a pleasureit has been working with you." - Ina Rosenblatt


"My guest were so impressed with how you were able to satisfy everyone.  No easy task when the age ranges is 1-99!"  - Gloria Daini

"I can't express enough gratitude for the fantastic evening of entertainment you provided for me and my guests at Aaron's bar mitzvah. You and your DJ crew outdid yourselves that evening" - Lonnie Berkowitz


"When we needed a large video screen the day before the party (our caterers broke) instead of charging extra ( we were desperate) you actually DISCOUNTED the price! We will always remember not only your great performance but your honesty and decency" - Dr. Ronald Csillag


"Dear Joey, WOW! I cant believe your wife gave birth in the morning and you still did our party! That was pretty special of you keeping your word. Hope your still married! I want to thank you for doing such a great job again" - Cindy Goldrich


"All I've done this week is brag about your DJ services to all the other DJs here in Florida. Awesome job!" - Miles DJ (official DJ of Disneyland)


"My entire party was a blur, but when I received over 30 phone calls the following morning from my friends and family asking me for your phone # I knew you and your crew did an awesome job. You will be forever in my rolodex file!"- Lisa Fine

"Joey, I can not thank you enough for the wonderful DJ services you and your staff provided us at Seth's Bar Mitzvah. I have no idea how you did it but all I know is that my husband suddenly knew how to dance! That was AMAZING!" - Lori Epler

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for saving my party, the calls continue to come in asking me where i found such a great DJ. I can not express enough appreciation for what you did to save the night when my catering hall screwed up. I will gladly recommend your DJ company to all my friends & family" - Hillary Dietz


"Our guests are still talking about how advanced and different your DJ company is compared to all the other parties they have been to. Lets face it, a party is only as good as the music and you were SUPERB! You are our # 1 referral" - Heather & Mike

"Your performance was professional, courteous and most of all a lot of fun. The music selection, your dancers and mc were the best I've seen in the industry and kept us on our toes the entire party" - Frank Romeo

"The DJ at a party has to be good, you were SPECTACULAR! Me and My friends are trying to think of a party we can throw just to have you as our DJ ! "- Irene Goldberg

" I am compiling a list of recommended vendors for our members in our temple Bar Mitzvah guide. You will be at the top of our list"- Barbara Schreiber

" BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Thank You is just not good enough for the phenomenal job you and your DJ company provided us at our party. The kids loved you ! My family loved you! My guests loved you ! I loved you ! PERFECT ! - Phyllis & Jeff

"My friends are cancelling there entertainment and losing there deposits just to have you DJ there event. For them to do that you have to be beyond good. I can honestly say at my party you were in a class by yourself" - Lori & Matt