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A successful Bar Mitzvah party begins with a great DJ company


I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire an experienced, reputable, and highly talented DJ company for your special event.

Here at Maximum Entertainment DJs our entire staff is trained to be professional, energetic, and friendly at every party. They must be capable of switching gears at any time during the event to assure that you and your guests are having a great time.

All are parties are very detail oriented and dealt with on a personal level “you are not just another number with us"


Music & Games

All our bar/bat mitzvahs include a great mix of  games and music for the kids as well as for the adults. We have all the current music as well as the all time party favorites. Music selection is a very important part of any party and we at maximum entertainment know exactly how to energize a crowd with our awesome mix of music. "No cheesy music allowed at our parties"
The kids are guaranteed a great time with our interactive games such as trivia, Coke & Pepsi, football, basketball, American idol, musical hoops, circle of doom, scavenger hunt and dance contests.
All our parties include fabulous prizes for the winners which include Scooters, Skateboards, CDs, Sports Hats, Gumball Machines, T-Shirts, Mini Boom Boxes and so much more.


Candle Lighting
Candle lighting is a very important part of a bar/bat mitzvah. It should be exciting as well as special for your friends and family. We will help you choose the right song for each person lighting the candle so that it will be fun and upbeat for everyone and not  boring.

Add Ons

There are plenty of add on options that include Video Screens with Montage, Photo Favors, Stages,  Video & Photography, Party Favors, Air Brush Artists & more


See our “What We Offer" section for more options.



Some recent parties - SEE PICTURES


Another awesome party thrown by Irene & Andy Goldberg!  I know that a great DJ makes the party but a great host is equally as important. Rebecca's Graduation party was a very special party to the Goldberg family and based on what all the kids were saying I  would say Maximum DJS did a great job. The party was held in their lovely backyard on Long Island and began with an unusual twist. The kids were not ready to dance just yet so we played a basketball game with all the kids which they enjoyed very much.

It was now time for the DJ to get the kids to dance and they did immediately right to the end of the party.


Our Dancing with the stars competition was a huge success as usual. All the kids participated and enjoyed the game very much. The two winners were amazed at the prizes they had won.  I would like to thank the Goldberg family once again for having Maximum DJS at all of their events. We must have played at 20 plus parties including Bar Mitzvahs, Bat mitzvahs, graduation parties, weddings, corporate events and more.


Thank you from your DJ & Friend,  Joey




Maximum DJS performed for Noah's Bar mitzvah at the Lido Golf club on Long Island.


The room was decorated beautifully by the Maximum Entertainment Lounge division. Maximum DJS also provided all the party favors, prizes, photo favor booth as well as video screens to show pictures, music videos, and the montage. The kids as well as adults danced the entire party and were high fiving the DJ and dancers all night long.  Noah wanted us to do a basketball game as well with the kids in which everyone had a great time playing. Noahs team shot lights out to win the game!  Noah's mom Nancy had booked my DJ services from her son seeing me at another party on Long Island which is normal but what really surprised me was when Nancy's brother Micheal Fienman from New York City said "I have a great DJ company for you, Maximum DJS there right by you on Long Island."


Nancy was then convinced she had hired the right DJ company. I want to thank Michael for all the referrals in New York and am looking forward to doing his daughters Bat Mitzvah in June 2012.


Thank You Nancy, it was a pleasure entertaining you and your family at Noah's Bat Mitzvah.

Joey & the entire staff at Maximum entertainment DJS




Savannah Benatar's Bat Mitzvah party was awesome! The event took place at Oceanside Jewish center on Long Island and was run beautifully by the Caterer Robert Steinberg who just recently took over the catering at Plainview Jewish center also on Long Island.

The entire staff at Maximum DJS would like to wish Robbie lots of success at his new place and hopefully book plenty of Bar / Bat Mitzvahs for us to DJ .


Now back to Savanna's Bat Mitzvah..... The dance floor was packed the entire evening with everyone dancing and have a great time with our dancers and to all the great music the DJ was playing.  The party started with Savannah running onto the lighted dance stages and performed a dance routine that she practiced with our dancer Evan. The performance was flawless and everyone cheered.  The highlight of the evening was when Maximum DJS played their version of dancing with the stars competition with all the guests. The game was a huge success with the winning team receiving two New York Yankee tickets compliments of Maximum Entertainment  DJS.


Maximum DJS would like to thank the Benetar's for having us DJ their daughters Bat Mitzvah. I know I am also speaking for my DJ, MC, and Dancers when I say we truly had a great time at Savannah Benetar's Bat Mitzvah party!      

Thank you,   Joey



This past weekend Maximum Entertainment DJS performed at Madeline Fagen's Bat Mitzvah from Port Washington Long Island at a place called Two steak and sushi bar. The theme was modeling and I must say this young lady has everything it takes to be a superstar model.


We set the room up with our lighted dance stages and turned them into a runway so that Madeline could strut her stuff during her grand entrance, she looked beautiful! Our DJ , MC , and dancers kept the dance floor packed the entire party. Our photo favor booth was set up for a modeling shoot so all the Bar / Bat mitzvah kids could take there pictures as if they were all super models.


I want to thank the entire Fagen family for having Maximum Entertainment DJS perform at Madeline's Bat Mitzvah. We all had a great time and looking forward to seeing you at future events.




The entire staff at Maximum Entertainment DJS  were put to the test this past weekend by performing at 5 parties in 48 hours.  A wedding Friday night at the Crest Hollow country club long Island, a Bar Mitzvah Saturday afternoon at club 183 in New York, another Bar Mitzvah in Poughkeepsie that evening then with daylight savings time we all lost an hour of sleep only to wake up to a Bat Mitzvah & Sweet 16 on Sunday.


Our DJS, MCS, DANCERS & VIDEO staff all performed above and beyond at all the events resulting in at least 15 future bookings from extremely satisfied clients.  One client is actually booking us for her daughters Bat Mitzvah in Florida 2012!


Maximum Entertainment DJS would like to thank all our clients from Long Island, New York, Westchester, and even Connecticut for all there business and referrals. Looking forward to seeing everyone at future events.




OJC on Long Island was where Jason Oelbaum had his Bar Mitzvah party. Maximum Entertainment DJS were highly recommended to the client who could not have been any happier with the performance of the DJ and MC at her sons Bar Mitzvah.


The dancers entertained the kids with games while the DJ kept everyone on there toes all night long with his great selection of music.


It was great working at the oceanside jewish center. The owner Robert Steinberg and his staff are always friendly and a pleasure to work for. Keep up the great work Robbie, looking forward to seeing you at the next Bar or Bat Mitzvah !  Maximum Entertainment DJS


East Meadow Jewish Center on Long Island was where Evan Spector's Bar Mitzvah took place. The entire staff at Maximum Entertainment DJS had a great time celebrating with such a wonderful family. There are no words that can describe how unbelievable the Bar Mitzvah party was. The DJ and dancers had the dance floor packed the entire party other than a 10 minute dinner break.


One of the highlights of the evening was when the DJ organized the highly anticipated football game that all the kids could not wait to play. Some of the kids were so prepared that they actually brought their own jerseys to play! The game was such a hit that even mom and dad played. (mom kicked dads butt!)


The staff at Maximum Entertainment DJS are all looking forward to  Evan's brother Matthew's Bar Mitzvah and also sister Samantha's Bat Mitzvah in a few years.


The entire staff at Maximum DJS would like to thank the Spector family for all their referrals and trusting us to DJ their sons Bar Mitzvah. It was an absolute pleasure!




The LEVINE BAR MITZVAH  was one for the ages! This historical party took place at Crest Hollow Country Club on LONG ISLAND. The MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT DJS crew began the party in the cocktail hour room entertaining all the kids with our original "stick game" which set the tone for what would be an awesome party.


The kids and adults began dancing the minute they entered the main room. Everything was just perfect including the candle lighting ceremony, montage, mother/son dance, trivia & coke & pepsi games.


The highlight of the party was the much anticipated MAXIMUM DJS football game. It all began with the kids singing the national anthem. The action began with all the kids doing whatever they could to win the game. There were fumbles, touchdowns, penalties, etc.  The kids were having so much fun that dad decided to play! He was worse than the kids ! Watching dad jumping into the pile trying to recover a fumble with the kids truly was a special and very funny moment! (maybe he had a side bet on the game?


MAXIMUM DJS truly wants to thank the entire LEVINE family for having us at their  sons BAR MITZVAH.


We are looking forward to seeing you again in 2012! 




Maximum Entertainment DJS performed an historical Bar Mitzvah this past weekend. The party was held at the Sands in Lido Beach Long Island. It was the last event to be held at this fine catering hall. We will miss the wonderful staff and all the great parties we did there like Weddings, Sweet 16's, Bar & Bat Mitzvah's.


The Bar Mitzvah itself was for Michael Myers. All the kids and adults had a great time. The highlight of the day was our football game that we played with all the kids. The adults saw how much fun the kids were having and they decided to play as well. Only with Maximum Entertainment DJS will you see such a game played at a Bar Mitzvah.


On a good note, I believe there will be another caterer that will take over at the Sands Lido Beach. Hopefully it will be even better than before so that we can continue to celebrate great events in the future.




Party 1:

New York City was where Maximum Entertainment DJS performed for Rachel Lachman's Bat Mitzvah.


The kids as well as the adults were on the dance floor the entire time dancing to the DJS great music.  Our trivia game was a real hit with the kids as well. Moms quote at the end of the party was.... "The Bat Mitzvah went so fast, I guess its because we had such a great time." That is what all DJS love to hear!


Party 2:

Pine Hollow Country club on Long Island was where Maximum Entertainment DJS performed their second event of the day, this time it was a Bar Mitzvah for Marcus. What an awesome Bar Mitzvah ! Our DJ, MC'S, and Dancers had so much fun with the adults and kids that we did not want the party to end. The Trivia as well as the coke and pepsi game were a huge hit with the kids.


Our client was so thrilled with the way her sons Bar Mitzvah went that she told me to save her other sons date June 2012! We even had a guest tell us she was cancelling her other DJ company so she can use us instead. As a DJ company there is no better compliment than that.


Maximum Entertainment DJS  will make every effort to be the best Wedding, Sweet 16 and Bar Mitzvah DJ company in New York and Long Island.




Bat Mitzvah party on ice! This past weekends party was held on the ice at Bethpage skating rink on Long Island New York. Our Djs and dancers were excited to party at the unusual location for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


The evening began with the kids warming up on the ice to some great tunes played by the Dj .


The Bat Mitzvah girl Elana had a great time with all her friends throughout the party. One of the highlights of the party was doing coke and pepsi on the ice! You can only imagine how much fun the kids had. Our Djs gave out great prizes throughout the night for the best skaters and game winners.


Looking forward to next weekends full schedule of events starting Saturday with a Bat Mitzvah in New York city during the day then a Bar Mitzvah on Long Island in the evening. Sunday will be a Wedding during the day followed by another Wedding at night. Our Djs cant wait to party all weekend long in New York and Long Island . We at Maximum Entertainment DJs hope to see you all on the dance floor !



The staff at Maximum Entertainment DJs was put to the test this weekend with 8 parties! I had all the confidence in the world that my DJs, MCs, and dancers would do a great job at each party which included 2 Bar Mitzvahs, 2 Bat Mitzvahs, 2 Weddings, and 2 Sweet 16's.


As expected all 8 clients were extremely pleased with the performance of Maximum Entertainment DJs. The DJs played a wide range of music and games at each event and the dancers kept the kids happy for all 4 of the Bar & Bat mitzvah parties.


To all my New York and Long Island clients, I want to say Thank You for trusting Maximum Entertainment DJs to perform on your most important day.




Great fall festival party at the Plainview Elementary School, in Long Island this past Friday. The kids had a great time dancing and playing games with the DJ as well as other great activities that included pumpkin picking, arts & crafts, face painting & so much more.


There was also great food provided by Bobby & Keith of Del Mer Caterers who are also the caterers for North Shore Synagogue in Syosset.


We at Maximum Entertainment DJS always have a great time with the Plainview kids and look forward to future parties with them. Your Bar and Bat Mitzvah will be here before you know it !


Happy Halloween boys and girls and thank you again.... MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT DJS




Party 1
Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah season is in full swing. All our DJ , MCS, and dancers are looking forward to another great season of fun filled parties.


DR. Gelb's daughter's Bat Mitzvah was held at OJC (Oceanside Jewish center , long island ) this past weekend . What an awesome event. The DJ could not get the guests off the dance floor even if he stopped playing music! The kids were great, they danced and played games all night with our dancers and MCs. The adults also had a great time dancing to the awesome music the DJ was playing.


The most touching part of the evening was when Dana ( the Bat Mitzvah girl ) took her dad and sat him on a chair on the dance floor and sang "because you loved me" to him. There was not a dry eye in the entire room. What a great ending to an incredible Bat Mitzvah party !


Party 2
The swan club on Long Island was where Kevin celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with his family and the crew of Maximum DJs. The boys were great as they loved to play games as well as dance. We gave out great prizes and party favors for the kids as well as the adults. The DJ kept the floor packed all night with his great selection of music for all the guests.


The highlight of the evening was when the DJ and MC announced a dance contest that all the kids wanted to participate in. We were so surprised how good the kids danced. The DJ and MC had a really tough time choosing the winner so they decided to give prizes to 5 kids ! Good luck to the Bar Mitzvah boy Kevin!


We are going to be all over New York and Long Island next weekend . Our DJS, MCs, dancers, and the rest of the staff at Maximum Entertainment are looking forward to all our Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah , Sweet 16 , and Wedding parties. Hope to see you on the dance floor !